HS 024


Hello there - I'm Justine and this is my wee piece of the world wide web for you to enjoy x

Growing up our family home was always full of photos and I would spend hours looking back through our photo albums. My early love of taking photos of anyone and everything is where my photography passion grew from. I still clearly remember the anticipation of waiting for my photos to be developed at the lab, only to discover that less than half the photos turned out and for a while I was known for chopping people’s heads off! Oh how far I have come!!! 

My life is crazy, busy, full of fun, laughs and everything that my two energetic handsome boys bring to my life! While life is certainly a balancing act at times, I wouldn’t change a thing. I get to be at home for our boys, run my own business to fit around family life and go on numerous awesome family adventures. Documenting these times is priceless.

I truly believe that photographs are one of the most important things we own and as a parent, I fully know how quickly our children grow and change before our eyes! One minute we are bringing them home from the hospital, the next they are walking down the hall, calling our name, and in a blink they are starting their first day of school! 

I am super passionate about family photography and telling a story in a way that truly reflects each individual family. I love to create and capture natural, in the moment images of children and their family. Images that show their individual personalities, family connection, fun, love and laughter. 

Through the simple, natural styling of my sessions I create beautiful, lasting photographs for families to hang on their walls and pass on through generations. I feel so lucky to be able to do this and it is often during very special, private times that I am invited into a family to capture these moments - this is a privilege and an honour. 

I am proud to document life and I look forward to all the new stories I am still to capture x